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So I kinda watched Netflix's Black Summer. Had it bookmarked since I heard about it on the Z Nation podcast last year. Was super excited for Z Nation continuity. Disappointed it distanced itself from Z Nation, but tried to give it a fair shake as a potential zombie hit.

I made it 2 1/2 episodes and change. I really kinda hated it.

Didn't have characters with any personality. I didn't like all the needless profanity, which didn't help endear me to the characters. Color palate was dull. No overall plot, or world building, or character moments, and what little story action wasn't engaging and also felt very preachy in an aren't we all miserable way. Some of the beats felt very illogical as well.

For example SPOILERS Read more... )

I think my overall feeling was it's pretentious. Styled with bland colors and long one-shots and stupid title cards, it has no earned emotional weight to anything it does and it does nothing interesting to boot.
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I'm so disappointed in Overinvested's Captain America Winter Soldier commentary. I'd been looking forward to it for weeks.

You have to talk about a movie to be a commentary. SO MUCH dead air.

No analysis, just vapid comments on the scenes or actors or fangirling reactions.

Look I'm not into the MCU at the moment anymore either, and have also only enjoyed Black Panther and the style of Thor Ragnarok, but you can tell you are scathing against the universe's development and the way it has gone and just bringing it into a movie you supposedly love instead of talking about why you love or loved the movie, and it is not a good time. It's not even valid critique of now vs then either because you never elaborate on your points.

And the bit about disliking Zola and Hydra, which was the one minor real discussion of the film's plot... shows a real misunderstanding of the role of the villain in this movie imo. Hydra are meant to represent current day government, or the fascist Nazi ideals in First Avenger, without actually having to say it to the audience, because that would break the immersion of the superhero fantasy genre if a superhero actually was at war with a very real historical or current collective us. It's all about subtext.

Making it entirely Shield or just regular governance in the MCU ruins the evil lurking within of the spy narrative, and the symbolism of watch out for old foes, clever disguises, and becoming your enemy.  

The algorithm is very current considering the role of government oversight and analytics online in our first world society. No, we in RL aren't using it to target people for attack. Our own people. Yet. But we are collected and grouped and watched. Currently gaslit to think that we are one wrong tweet away from being branded the enemy.

Ugh to the Bucky fangirling.

No, the movie doesn't need more Bucky or Seb. This movie is about Captain America and Steve's character, and therefore his POV. Be invested in his emotional stakes and journey independent of fandom! Bucky would be a mystery and painful ghost on the edge of Steve's view. As a thriller, the Winter Soldier needs to be nebulous to be threatening. That's what makes the reveals and emotions work.

I had such high hopes for this commentary because I loved the takedown on Captain America Civil War and thought you got the heart of this movie. I was hoping for a beloved insight that was a needed reminder that the MCU franchise once had depth. That you can find Captain America's role in the superhero zeitgeist of Marvel and in this film and give it meaning. That you can cherish the character's in the Cap trilogy and cherish Stucky as a really interesting and deep take on friendship and potential queerness in the MCU and take it seriously, where other commentaries and reviews brush all aside to straight praise Marvel or absolutely not consider any of these things as having depth at all.

This was a superficial gaze brought to this commentary and that wrecked me. 
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 I love this movie so much.

For various reasons been rethinking on it and have some random thoughts.

1. Cutter is a great heel turn. I love that he turns on Angier at the end and truly I think it's not because he cares whether Angier would murder Borden. I think it's because Angier used him. Cutter who has been the backbone of devising tricks, used in a trick of this fake murder and trial and not told by Angier. 

2. Olivia knew about the twins? I think with as smart as she appears she figured that out, but was disgusted with herself and Borden by the end because Sarah's death confirms that there is no lengths the twins will not go to put the secret first, just like Angier.

3. Angier is still about revenge and his lost wife. I think people put too much weight on his convo with Olivia and "I don't care about my wife, I care about his secret". Yes, his obsession and their rivalry in magic is overwhelming but he immediately undercuts this line with remorse and telling Olivia he accepts her love of Borden and will cover for her. He's still profoundly upset over Borden's not revealing/knowing which knot was tied. He's drowning himself in effigy to his wife. The truth of Borden's trick and Borden's inability to be honest about Julia's death is linked for Angier. If you refuse to tell me the truth, I will rob you of your greatest hidden lie. In the end he doesn't even take Borden's secret at the jailhouse because he hurts him more by up-staging Borden's lie with what he thinks a better more truthful trick.

4. I love that their rivalry is also about the nature of a magician and performer's part in their acts. One gets off on the belief of the audience. The Prestige. One on the mastery of the skill of tricking the audience. The Turn. These are both the parts where they self-destruct themselves and ironically outdo each other in the opposites as Angier's true Transported Man unnerves Borden in it it's true reality. The Turn being taking the ordinary and making it extra-ordinary. While Borden performs the final Prestige to bring himself back to his daughter, Jess. Giving true wonder to his audience by bringing her father back, and of course having no pleasure in the skill used tricking her with the reality that his brother truly died.
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This discussion on Catelyn Stark got my goat up!

You know why I still read about ASOIAF or Game of Thrones? Because seeing how people write about Catelyn Stark is a reaffimation of my belief in sexism in our lives and how no matter how they couch it, people are bias as fuck against women.

Catelyn is the greatest fucking character of the series because she is a spotlight of real in bullshit fantasy narratives and bullshit protagonists for women. She is a whole person; not an ideal, not a sexy fantasy, not a self insert or power fantasy, or a demure backround figure, or saintly icon. She's dealing with life as it happens, and aging, and thinking, and feeling; all for herself and others, and as mother, and daughter, a wife; her own POV in all of it. She tells her view on her life, through her own lens and both her POV input on others, and her actions in the story as a whole have game-changing impacts on other character's emotions, actions, and the overall plot. Even as she exists in a fictional patriarchal fantasy, she shows and represents so many things women have to do or deal with to just fucking live, and it all applies to right here, right now society as well. I think men don't have a fucking clue how to relate to it and other women don't like looking at the dark mirror, hence she gets so much hate. Just like a woman does.

What really makes my blood boil about discussion on Catelyn Stark? Motherhood. Love. Her relationships with Jon and Ned. She must fit the perfect ideals of mother or of wife, even as they hard conflict in this case. I mean it makes sense. That's the common accepted avenues of narratives for women. Lover or mother, heaven forfend you don't fit the good vs evil role for either.

Cat isn't Jon's mom, she's a woman daring to mom her own kids instead, over her husband's bastard, or even her husband's approval, and it's a crime. Because? Seriously, why does she have to be Mom to anyone else, let alone Jon?

Speaking nothing of the fact that she's also tasked to be perfect Mom to her kids; failure is not allowed, and has ALL the responsibility for any and all poor decisions or circumstances if they befall Robb, Bran and Rickon, or is giving poor example if it's a possible feminine flaw in Sansa and Arya because as girls they'll be sure to get some blame too, without it being in anyway also another parent's Hi Ned responsibility. Responsibility like that, 100% control is only on women, not on male parents or society or influences like other adults and kids and influences that everyone, including the woman, interacts with. Women as mothers or lovers are responsible for managing all that and it has to be the right way.

Cause Ned is her husband and is saying he's the daddy to Jon changes what exactly for Cat in responsibilities to Jon over herself and her kids? Because Jon's her husband's son, and in her house? All of those are things she can't even control. She can control how kind she is, they say. Or take it out on Ned instead. *Insert Thor But Really GIF* But really, can she? Is it her or is it her society making it hell for her and Jon to navigiate? Would you honestly like her if she hated Ned? Or would she just get derided more for being a bad wife and uncaring towards her own kid's feelings on that? If she was kind to Jon would that solve anything in their sucession woes or in the hurt of Ned's affair and secrecy or would that actually be dangerous and hurtful to Catelyn herself and her kid's place in their society? Is there anyway for this woman to fit the ideals or maybe can we accept that she shouldn't have too? And where's Ned's part as husband and daddy? He's absolved of fostering Jon out, or talking to Cat or Jon, because *plot reasons* and his trama.

Ask yourself how much Catelyn owns control of this entire situation and dynamic and how much you value both Ned's feelings and Jon's feeling over Cat's. Cat has to be the better just because she's the woman. Tell me that's not sexism.

Why is it the time she said the worst thing to Jon was when she was outta her mind, outta control mentally and physically and left all alone, and even Jon whom she hurts deeply here, has more recognition that she is a person dealing with her own shit and lashing out than fandom will grant her that ability to have personhood.

If you think their isn't stigma around step-children or children of affairs and how that affects inter-family dynamics today you are lying to yourselves. Westeros may worry about whose grandkids get the castle and legacy, and therefore survival, but today we worry who is left what in the will and who gets to attend the funeral and when. It's still about whose respected. And it doesn't come from the woman pushing it either. Family resemblances, family favorites, who gets the most presents vs who gets cards, where you vacation and visit and live and with who, who you idenitfy with more and how; you learn no one loves unbiased. What you know about all the circumstances of you and/or your siblings birth or your parent's relationship vs their parent's relationship; it all mingles together. It comes despite the best of intentions, and Cat could be as dead as Lyanna and it would still happen.

Fuck off with women, or Cat,  are the only ones who control how that happens in a family. Take a good hard look at life and what women do and don't get to control in their lives and then maybe ask yourself why instead of at least sympathizing or understanding it's a reality there is automatic assumed blame and dislike on just them.
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 I am more excited and trusting of Detective Pikachu than Avengers Endgame.
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Here it goes an oldie but a goodie Due South. It's a small sampling of my favorites over the years, mostly F/V and Gen and Fraser centric. 



Still Love

Stars I Have Seen Them Fall

Is That You?

Voices in The Dark

Repeat Offender


Shot, and in the Dark

In Between Time

Wicked Games

Changing Of The Guard


I love reading Due South Scripts and seeing what got wrote versus aired.

My favorite fanvid is Sdwolfup's Satellite. Find it and other DS vids HERE

This one is a current youtube favorite. 

And finally some songs that make me think Due South, specificly Fraser



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 ARGH I keep losing my half my saved draft or having rich text foul up when making big posts of pictures or links for fanfic! Are there any hacks for this?
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Sometimes I just love Due South to pieces. It has car chases and cop drama and supernatural elements with ghosts and Dief and goddamn mediums and it's like goofy one second and then entirely engaging and grounded the next with just a straight up care about it's characters. Season 1 plays everyone real while also having them like talk to ghosts or canoe in sewers or Fraser smell chili powder. I love it!

So I was rewatching Heaven & Earth and you know how there is the question of what the hell Fraser was doing telling Ray about Frannie's actions in The Deal and then... well not. Was he trying to get her to stop making advances? Oh yes. Was he manipulative? In a sense. Why wouldn't he just say he didn't sleep with her? As Elaine says his Grandmas' code of chivalry is ...yeah no.

I think I get him though. He goes to Ray to explain and get it to stop, in his manipulative way, and then finds out she's not talking to Ray and feels like he can't call her out about being very um shall we say forward to her brother and as the episode goes on he's more sorry he can't be upfront with Ray or Frannie cause it's an emotional minefield for Fraser to discuss wants and desires and relationships, and also so this is why you chase me when he listens in at the end and so he's so polite and invites Frannie to walk her home because he wants to show yeah a "guy like him" he cares, he notices. He just doesn't reciprocate. Cause F/V Frannie, like woah, the vibes be strong this episode. "That's very generous of you Ray?' WTF does that mean? Or closet convos 2.0. Or Ray's stay away speech and yes Frannie is basically calling Ray out to pursue something *cough Fraser* like they are rivals. There be subtext.

But, seriously, I'm more like "Frannie, what the hell are you doing girl?" Why is she telling what she did in The Deal to the precinct? Why??? Did she somehow find out about Fraser's interactions with the lady from Invitation to Romance? How did Fraser know she was coming to tell Ray and the precinct? Did she tell him she would? Does she think this whole thing makes her look good or like he wants her or is she looking for advice or just WTH Frannie?

Someone bounce thoughts with me.

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So I was thinking of doing something fun to share how I bop around and collect or view fannish stuff that interests me and may interest the friends-list. Sorta like a masterpost of what I've been enjoying fannishly throughout the week.

Sounds good? Tell me if you'd prefer themed weeks, either by fandom or fannish interest? So one week of say Due South everything, or like one week of my favs in fanfic.

I'll start off small this week; 


A Fanfic

Mindblown by kayura_sanada - Gundam Wing - Heero/Duo 

When the destruction of the Libra fails, what happens to the world? And what happens to the man whose mind is trapped inside such a world, unable to free himself from the horrors?

I love Duo's plot and the angsty Heero worried about Duo.


A Fanvid

I know that [community profile] festivids  just came out and there are lots of great ones to check out but I'm stuck admiring this PGSM fanvid from youtube.


What I'm Watching

This could fill a short story on most days. My hairdresser recommended me The Sinner. I've got Slings and Arrows on the brain. Tenchi Muyo to go with a fanvid idea/ song I'm in love with. Also Suede Plays Resident Evil 2 has lead me down a rabbit hole of watching game reviews and playthroughs. I don't even game! WHA?!
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Out loud as I read this comment on Tor's Age of Ultron review, "Ooo I like you!!!" in a James from Pokemon-esque voice.

  1. “[T]he human race is almost extinguished because he refuses to believe that he needs to be accountable.”

    And then he decides he (and therefore, of course, everyone else) does. Stark’s position in Civil War very much grows out of this film and his own stories, as he looks for something external to restrain him after his previous efforts at self-restraint repeatedly fail with the costs largely being borne by others..

    But that one is also fundamentally a conflict between realism and genre: there are excellent reasons why in reality things like vigilantism and unaccountable power are bad and why we incorporate the use of violence into formal structures with prescribed limits.  (Which still are frequently far from sufficient to prevent abuse.)  But unaccountable violent power is also pretty close to definitionally what superheroes are about.

    Cap knows that.  And because he’s Cap, he won’t sign an agreement he knows he’ll break if (when)the need arises.  (As sure as he went AWOL in WWII to mount a rescue mission, as sure as he wound up telling SHIELD “No, you move.”)

    Tony doesn’t want to know it.  But of course Tony will be illegally crossing a border to break into a secure facility before the ink is quite dry on the Sokovia Accords.  (As will Steve- but he knew himself well enough not to put his name to a promise not to do that sort of thing.)

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My confidence and self-esteem is shot. I question everything I think and write as good enough. I want it all to be right. Perfect.

I'm scared of conflict or criticism because RL has been shitty lately. Friend break-ups and feeling ignored and not moving forward towards any life goals. I want to leave my hometown but am lonely and have no outer support network somewhere else. I'm terrified and depressed about having to do it alone. To be alone and unhappy anywhere.

With my writing, I realize I haven't even been in school in ages. I think my writing is above average for my hometown too.  It seem that way when you see community works. It's not a developed skill here. I realized I was blessed with a small town, safe, school education, where you got focus and interest and care from lots of places because tiny town. I was kinda a bigger fish in a small pond because I loved everything education, with my mom being a teacher, and reading and writing,  while my peers were more into other things. They were no less smart, some I say better, and have certainly excelled better by my measures of success, but that there was never anyone to drive or push me beyond my comfort zone. Internally I was lazy, or just beginning my anxiety and depression. I remember I was so overwhelmed when I first left home, in my first college English class, because I knew how to read and analyze and use grammar and formatting instinctively, but putting it into revision,  or hashing out specifics and repeated practice was not something I'd ever done. With my peers or in my teachers there was no push to learn better or correct me if I was already in the top. Peers looked at my work to improve or teachers were happy to have an excelling student who was engaged and produced engaging content. I'd half-arsed my final essay in high-school and got a super high grade and was baffled, if slighly pleased. I had coasted. It was all too easy? I think it stunted me. 

So this an explanation for being slightly nuts with re-editing my journal lately. I've got to deal with this.

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Just cleaning this post up! With title and tags.

Love & Justice Don't Mix
Fandom: Due South
F/V, feat. Fraser and Fraser Sr.
Set during Call of The Wild
What do you call a canon alternative/exploration?

Read more... )
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I love lots of things about PGSM and surprisingly Usagi/Mamoru is one of the biggest. I've watched the anime dubbed and subbed and the Usako/Mamo relationship didn't do it for me. The reason is that relationship was rarely about either of them as their present selves. It always felt mired in past or future ideas that implied who they were now was not as important, and when we are following and falling in love with Usagi as she is now that's an odd disconnect. PGSM changes that and the relationship comes alive.

Ridiculously simple changes which I will now list.

1) Mamoru actually knows he's Tuxedo Karmen. There's no waiting til ep. 26 of 46, the latter half where he's brainwashed and doesn't know himself again, for his character to discover his own influence and motives. He doesn't start out only as Sailor Moon's hero to worship and focus on, but as a developing character. Being conscious of battling Sailor V, helping Sailor Moon, and stealing jewels in an effort to solve really effed up dreams means PGSM Mamoru has something to do. He gets to react to his own alter ego, not just become him. We, the audience, then get more info to determine his compatibility with Usagi.

2) Mamoru discovers Usagi is Sailormoon by Act 7. Act 7 out of a 49 Act series and over 11 Acts before the Princess/Endymion reveal. This allows their relationship so much more development because Mamoru gets to admire both Usagi and Sailor Moon and contrast and compare them as two halves of the same person. We gain insight into his growing affection for her and how he sees her, which leads to a greater understanding of their choice to be a couple. We can only infer what Mamoru thinks of Usagi and Sailor Moon in the anime, and indeed can't really know because he doesn't know either of them, or himself, or the struggles of that duality Usagi faces. Which makes their being in love a mystery or just a relation to their past selves.

There is no obligation required in saving Sailor Moon or showing up in Usagi's life. It happens organically through plot. Thank Motoki's friendship. Thank the downplaying of the I know when Sailor Moon is in trouble ping and instead having reasons for Mamoru being around in both fight scenes and daily life things. Thank the development of Mamoru actually wanting to hang around Usagi, and her then doing the same. Thank Usagi's early crush on Tuxedo Karmen. It all means they choose to interact with each other and that we cannot argue that purely external forces are behind their connection.

4) Hina. OH NOES HE HAS A GF! Hina, not Rei. Thank goodness not Rei, cause I didn't want to be crying for her like I did when she found out Mamoru was Tuxedo Karmen in the anime. Right in the Princess reveal episode their dating was shoved aside, implying anything in Mamoru's life, or Usagi's even, that didnt align with a Princess Serenity/Endymion destiny did not matter. Instead in PGSM we get Hina; the relationship of niceness but the one of obligation based on past affection and promises. The one that makes Usagi jealous and sad and shows the longing of Usagi and Mamoru for each other. The one that highlights Usagi's growth in herself, as we see her explore her feelings on love and jealousy and how she battles them as Usagi and Sailor Moon and her choices.

5) The Princess is a persona that is questioned and separate. This allows the past lives to be questioned and explored. Thinking Sailor V is the Princess? Still not wanting to pick her. Finding out Usagi's the Princess? Still both not sure if doomed is a good relationship setting. Coming back to try the relationship in Endymion outfit or Usagi possessed by the ghost of Serenity? Notice how they never address each other by past names in their right mental states EVER. Their past lives influence their relationship sure, but it is not the basis. They have a destiny and a past love but they are active as the people they are now in building and maintaining their current one. In making it a healthy non-doomed romance, in choosing to continue it, in wanting one another above obstacles or past influences. We don't see this reflective outlook on their identities as Serenity and Endymion in the anime.
6) I shall throw in the bonus of Mamoru not going evil until the last episode. He's goes to work for Beryl willingly because DRAMA but it means that once again the relationship of Usagi/Mamoru can continue to develop because they are both still active participants, even when they conflict.

It's simple. The relationship they have is something forged in the present. They have happiness, angst, conflict and triumph all built into their current actions and character's arcs. It's truly about Usagi and Mamoru as they develop into a couple. It's what they define and what they use to rally against unknowns and past lives. Hell, when it all falls down and he goes evil and she destroys the world she brings him back and he does her and that is how they win out; By being Usagi and Mamoru and being there for each other. A tragic past love or a destined love is cool. A love in front of me, that I see explored and created, is EPIC. I ship them, yes I do.
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Happy More Joy Day

Since I haven't got much content on this journal yet, let's get to know each other.

Who am I? Not Spiderman lol. I'm [personal profile] pigtailed_goddess  or pigtailedgirl online. I'm currently just active here. Use to be most active on LJ and RumicWorld message boards but that was way back. My past is lost to the sands of time but I don't say I've changed interests or opinions much. I'm in my 30s, female, and more of a fannish lurker/watcher. I admire the hell out of fannish creativity and content creators.

What do I love about fandom? I love fanvids the most. Funny pic memes. Reviews. Meta. Fanfic. Fanfic Tastes? I'm a gen and genre fanfic lover who enjoys episode related fic or angst or hurt/comfort. It gets me in the feels. Love character introspection too.

What do I do in fandom? I tend to post little bits of fiction or thoughts on my current interests. Questions about being a fan. I have old fanfic to upload here and some Z Nation thoughts , so look forward to it? I check up on dreamwidth at least twice a week if not more now. I'm open to any and all friends.

What about you?

Also, I'd like to pimp the fannish stuff that's been eating my brain this past and current year. Talk to me about any of these please!

Z Nation

It's about a rag tag group running around Post Apocalypse America with an infected man who is a potential cure to the zombie virus. When the threat of the end of society can be enjoyable! I love this show. Caught it on a whim on Netflix in season 1 and been hooked ever since. I love Warren and Murphy and all the characters. I love it's story, that it is character driven and that as a zombie show it remains about who people are at their core, even undead people, and what is being human? And its' goofy!

Robotech or Super Dimension Fortress Macross

80's anime! Aliens versus our transforming fighter planes and a giant transforming spaceship. It's not about fighting though, it's about a war culture versus love. And a love triangle for the ages. Melodramatic, sexist, completely goofy love triangle. I'm a sucker. I ship Hiraku/Misa yo. The scene where she goes to Earth and he morse codes goodbye from his plane... SHIP FOR LIFE. Also found it on Netlfix then watched the original subbed on youtube. I prefer the orginal, and love Misa or dub Lisa.


Have you worked in office? Ever dealt with sexism or crappy friends or felt you didn't know what you wanted to be as you are adulting? Or do you love death metal and secretly needing to vent? Watch this show! It's on Netflix. I love Washimi and Gori. I am a Gori.

I also love the shorts which you can watch HERE

As always, the things in my interest list on the profile are loves that never die. You can not part me from 80s and 90s stuff or my Val Lewton Horror Collection DVD.

So, finally, I'm offering free GEN ficlets in any shared fandoms. Or tell me what you are into and I could try an give it a shot blind too. Prompt me the genre, character and adjective you want, and you get a story.

It's a Joyish Day for fannish love.
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I'm not super positive. This was an emotional reaction from me.

This gives me a desperate craving for fix-it fanfic. How am I supposed to want Netflix to save you show, when this is what you define your end as? Every other season gave us a better and more caring finale to the characters and the plots they were pushing and one had people jumping off cliffs and spaceships y'all. 
Like the rest of the latter episodes this season this one was badly written, badly paced, and sadly, for a real first imo, badly acted all around as well. It's like nobody put effort in.
Cooper's return and Warren's secret were hokey and lacked any emotional resolution for Warren. Our main character!
The villains were one-note and given too much focus and just fucking annoying. Licking your lips is not character. They are also not even connected to Zona so WTF was all that Florida zombie set-up. 
Also this is how unresolved plots of Zona, the blends, Final Mercy goes out? Also also... Hector? The cheese wheel? *cries*
Red is a non-character with no interesting personal feelings or story to contribute. 
Doc got no development. They reused the scene of TenK and Doc talking, the same one from last episode, for a hint of emotional drama without any reason. Too lazy to notice?
Kaya and son were missing from the end. 
Addy was just there. 
I'm so disappointed. I think perhaps the most frustrating thing is I do love this show and the characters, and weirdly am ok with it being stupid I guess is the word, or more like a mish mash of ideas on a shoestring budget, but this year, the idea was interesting, the plot and characters are there and workable, and for the first time the execution, the effort, was what seemed to really fail. 
It was even poorly shot The scene where Warren and co take the bad guy's guns; Tell me that didn't look half-arsed. All the absent extras and empty hallways to run down. The blue light room. WHY?
I can't even with the voting still being a thing...They were at war! Why is the resolution between talkers and humans taking place off screen when it's the crux of your season?
I want it done over. Keep everyone but Pandora and the hackers and the Canadian stereotypes, and just focus. Show George's backstory, with Warren, with Dante, with democracy. Show the divide between talkers and the living, and the mutual fear of inhumane survival. Show Murphy and his powers and his blends and his ambitions and have Sun Mei and her desperation for a fix and have Warren and her survival instinct and TenK and his losses, Doc and his optimism. This is all already referenced or on-screen, focus on it.
The saddest thing is it's not a big change that was needed. This isn't a failure because an actor/character was gone or a set didn't work. The structure of episodes, or sets, or locations or who they've got cast, keep it the same and if you just focused the writing/direction, it would work. 
Like, I was explaining the finale to my mother this morning and in details it's perfectly fine. I don't get it.
I'm re-watching on Netflix as soon as I can to see if it helps. I would love a mini-movie type thing, because I love these characters.
I liked that Murphy ate his own cure and therefore controls it. Oh the scheming devilish possibilities; Until Warren kicks his ass.
I liked George's white jacket. 
Everyone's ending seemed happy and I liked that. 
There is nothing about this season to retcon or that would make it hard to pick back up and explore. Just do it well and with care.

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 I'm finding it really hard to express myself lately. Low self-esteem and depression combo. I've got some great offline friends who I've been movie watching with, and it's nice to talk fannish interests and not feel alone in that hobby but I got into an argument with them over superheros and Iron Man and Seven Sisters lol and it's really highlighted a difference in how we approach films.

Basically they identify emotionally with characters and films. If there is a visual or concept they love in the movie, it's an awesome movie full stop. Character reminds them of their own personality, they are like "It's MEE" (and assigning you a role too lol). Love an actor for a previous ship or role, he's the best thing about all movies he's in.

They dislike it alot when someone (aka sometimes me) analysis's or critics. At all. If they love it they view it as an attack on them if I don't agree or if I bring up plot holes, themes, stuff I thought works versus doesn't, why Tony's character arc bothers, etc. It even extends in that even if Im liking something they find it weird that I notice or like it because of themes and plot or how I relate it to external influences. ex : intent behind a visual or like the way Get Out isn't just a horror film but is full of nods about racism, with the scene where you have that visercal fear when the cop car pulls up at the end because in society right now ( and forever boo) your relating it to black people aren't saved by cops, they are shot. 

Is it a Watsonian versus Doylist viewing? 

I dont care what you like. I love listening to why or how people relate to media. And I can drop a convo if u dont wanna talk about it, because while I won't agree, it's very rarely personal for me. Im not going out of my way to harp or bring it up unprompted. Morality and film logic I have a harder time letting go on... something about superheros and the morals of good versus bad actions, perception versus actuality, and how it applies outside of movie fantasy to how people idolize or act in the world really is a sore spot. Smallville what did you do to me. Or clear logic problems in a film you have to willfully ignore. Like Seven Sisters' assine plot that a society JUST HAS TO kill multiples of children/people born, so our main characters live in secret, but has no stigmas attached to reproduction. Or they have extreme tracking and observation tech to monitor citizens but not enough to notice several distinct hairstyle differences or that seven people would consume more than one. 

I cant blindly watch a film or ignore what Im viewing. I enjoy watching movies and characters precisely because of analysis or deeper themes. Like those tidbits of character, or what it's consumption in the world says about people. The neat touches and work that go into the thought behind a film/ work too.

I dont feel very respected to be told to turn off my thinking brain. Im wandering how to bridge this divide? Like, I dont wanna harsh a squee but I also don't want to ignore how I feel on things.

What do I do?
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